Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My cute little girl...

...and boy. Tyson had to have his picture taken too.

Birthday Cake

This is Luke's mom's and sister's birthday cake.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

On Tuesday...

...Keely turned 6 MONTHS!! (Okay so I wrote this a week ago and am now just finding a few minutes to finish the post...well the time thing and we have been having problems with the internet.)

So that day was marked with many things. I measured her...she is now 26.5 inches. I weighed her...she is 16.5 pounds. And, she got to start eating. She doesn't seem to like rice cereal all the much. She did eat better the second time around. So, she didn't like it the first two days and now we can't feed her fast enough. Tonight she gets to try some sweet potatoes.

Keely is also obsessed with her toes right now. She loves to hold them and suck on them. It's a great pasttime for her. It is hard to get a picture of her because she stops whenever you bring the camera around.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Catching Up

So, it's been a long time...and much has happened! So let's play a little catch up.

Keely had her first hair cut on May 24th. It's still so funny to hear people say, "she has so much hair!" when all she has is bangs. Kind of deceiving. Her first hair cut made her look so much older.

Last weekend we went to Dr. Shiroma's (the dentist Luke's mom works for) for a fishing day. He has a pond that he stocks with fish. Tyson had fun fishing for a few minutes. He caught one and was so excited to touch the Nemo. Luke fished with him for a few more minutes, but when no fish bit...he lost his ambition. We walked (well Tyson ran...like he does all the time!) up to see the animals. Tyson had a blast.

This is the cake that I made. I thought it tied in well with the fishing theme.

Keely taking her morning nap.

Tyson and the cousins.

I love the above picture!

Tyson got to help grandma collect the eggs. This lovely chicken instead of flying out of the coop decided at the last minute to turn around and fly at us. Luckily it didn't get anyone in the face. Luke got two scratches on his side from it.

Yesterday Tyson woke up deciding it was the day to start asking "WHY?". If you have been through this before you know how cute it can be and how annoying it can also get!

We are finally seeing some sun and weather out of the 50s! Woohoo! I was beginning to miss the miserably hot weather of OK.