Thursday, September 25, 2008

I WILL try to post more least to put pictures up of the kids.

Tyson has an obsession...

...and if you don't like spiders, you probably shouldn't go any further!
Almost every day that we are able to get outside for a while, we HAVE to go on a walk to see if we can find some spiders or spider webs.

These are just some pictures of spiders that I got with my not so great camera.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Playing a Little Catch Up

So, it's been too long since I have blogged (But, I did the other day...I have just been working on this one for way too long). And, much has happened over the last month.
We left on August 9th to drive up to my parents. We stayed in Couer d'Alene on the 9th with Luke's grandma. On Saturday we got up bright and early (left at 5:20) and made it to my parents by just after 6:00pm (their time, 5:00 ours). Yes!!! We put in a 12 hour day and the kids did remarkably well with very few stops. We got back home on the 21st. Here are some pics from the trip.

All the grandchildren in my family.

We went to a museum that had airplanes, cars, trains...

Over a period of 2.5 weeks, Keely grew 1.5 inches and gained 1 pound. Just some new ones of her. Isn't she cute?? :)The lighting isn't the greatest on these pictures, but I love her facial expressions.

Keely discovered how to play peek-a-boo all by herself. It was so cute. She kept pulling her blanket up over her head and pulling it down. Every time Tyson and I saw her face she had the biggest smile on it. She had so much fun!!!

We have also been to the Oregon Zoo since we have been back. They had a dinosaur exhibit that we decided we should go check out because Tyson LOVES dinosaurs.

This is a cake I made for my sister-in-laws baby shower.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

How Excited I Was!!!!

For the past week and a half, I have been searching for my wedding ring. I had absolutely no idea where it had gone to. On August 25th, I placed it in the same spot as I always do when I take it off (or so I thought). Then on Monday morning...I went to put it on and I couldn't find it. So, we looked through the garbage,all the drawers in our desk, under everything, in our bed...Last night I decided that I would just need to go through all of Tyson's toys and see if he had taken it and put it somewhere special.
Well, I was lying in bed last night and all of a sudden I thought I needed to check my little box that I keep my earrings in. And, it was there of all places. I never put it there. And the even funnier thing is that I got out my CZ ring that my mother-in-law gave to me to wear while I couldn't find my ring out of that box and I didn't see it.
Oh the joys of post-natal retardation!