Thursday, January 31, 2008

Our Life This Week

*Tyson went pee on the potty for the first time on Sunday. He told me he needed to go! (He has gone several times since.)

*I had my post partum check on Monday. Everything was good. I was so excited to be able to start running, but I put my back out very badly while I was at the doctors and could hardly walk.

*Keely started smiling on Monday.

*Monday night Keely went 6 hours without eating. (Now if we could just get her to go to sleep at a decent time!)

*Tuesday night Keely went 6 hours and 15 minutes without eating.

*Today it is snowing. We are supposed to get up to 3 inches.

*I got Keely to drink a bottle really well today. I also got her to take a pacifier really well. (We want her to be able to take a bottle so that when I am gone in the morning she has something if she needs it.)

More pictures to come! :)

Monday, January 28, 2008

Potty Time

I just have to tell the world that Tyson went pee on the potty last night!!!!

He told me that he needed to go potty. And so we got up on the potty and he peed!!! Woo Hoo!!! Let me tell you how excited I am about the whole situation!!! Very much so. I praised him so much for this endeavor. I am hoping and praying that this continues a little more every day. He is very strong-willed and lets you know when, to quote him, "I don't want."

Saturday, January 26, 2008


Can anyone tell me what boppies is? If you can I would love to know.
For quite a while now Tyson has asked for boppies. And, I thought (until yesterday) that it was breakfast. I thought he called every meal breakfast.
But now, he is asking for "BOPPIES," a specific thing. And if I tell him that I don't know what that is, he gets really mad and yells "BOPPIES"!!!!!
Can anyone lend some clarity to this situation?

Monday, January 21, 2008


I measured and weighed Keely yesterday. She was 21 1/2" and weighed 10 lbs with her clothes on. That wasn't on a digital scale. So she has definitely grown and gotten chubbier. She is currently working on her rolls above her knees.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

1 Month

Oh my! How can Keely be a month already today?! Last night I think she decided to ring in her birthday. She went to bed at about 9:45pm...much earlier than usual...and then was awake from 3:45-6:30. Then she woke up again 45 minutes later to eat. After eating she did go right back to bed (the longest she eats is 10 minutes because she guzzles) and slept til 9:15. Tyson luckily slept til 9:00 this morning (probably because he didn't nap yesterday).
I guess I should fill in some details. Keely has been congested and I think the drainage has been affecting her tummy. She has been spitting up a lot more than usual. So, I guess she has a reason for being uncomfortable. Anyway...when she woke up, I changed her diaper and then fed her. She was back in bed, fully asleep, within a half hour. But, shortly after that she woke up again because of spit up or a burp or something. It kind of all runs together. So, I picked her up and burped her some more. We got more burps out and more spit up as well. Then for some reason (which we found out later) she was fully awake. I rocked her hoping that she would fall asleep...but she had other plans. She was obviously uncomfortable. Meanwhiles my back started hurting because I had been holding her for so long that I laid her down. She talked for quite a while and then became very back up she came. Luke took her out for a while so that I could try to get some more sleep. I guess I slept for a while. I woke up to her crying (even though I didn't think I had slept). So I went to get her to feed her. While she was with Luke she had filled her pants, which would have been a big reason she was A-W-A-K-E. After feeding her, she fell asleep when I was burping her...until...everything came up, all over her and me. I luckily kept it off our bed. I am pretty sure the drainage caused the puking. So after changing and getting Keely into clean clothes I got her to go to sleep.
This morning she spit up a lot she had a bath...which she absolutely loves. We all know that she had planned everything just so she could have a bath this morning! :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008






So I put Tyson down for his nap at his usual time of 1:00pm. At 1:30 he called me. He usually goes right to sleep at nap time. Luke had just gotten home, so he went in. Well long story short...Tyson did NOT take his nap today. He did stay in his room (and mostly in his bed) for 2 hours and 15 minutes. Look at the pictures to find out why I said he mostly stayed in his bed.

Sure looks like he slept a whole lot!!! AND we are already seeing the attitude that results from no nap!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

An Eventful Day!

So today, we woke up with Keely being conjested. She's not too bad, but it has caused her to spit up (and vomit) a few times.
I cut my hair off today. It actually ended up being longer than I was planning to go. I needed to cut it because it was in Keely's face all the time when it was down. When I pull it back I get a headache/neckache. So I decided to cut it. I love it!
Tonight Luke was changing Tyson's diaper and Tyson had a penny in his hand. (Tyson has an obsession with money.) He put it in his mouth, which he has never done before. He started to choke. Luke said he could see it in his throat. Luke ripped him off the change table and pounded him in the back a couple of times and it came out. We were all quite shaken up.
So some good and some not so good events today! But, all in all we are well!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Once upon a time...

...there was a bunny-bear (a bear in a bunny costume). This was the softest and the most cuddly stuffed animal around. A little boy named Tyson received the bunny-bear from his grandparents before he was even born. Tyson's bunny-bear slept in his crib and it wasn't long before Tyson started to cuddle with him and hold on to his ears while he sucked his thumb. Tyson loved his bunny-bear very much!
As time went on, his name was shortened to "bunny" and he received MUCH love. He became Tyson's lovey. Tyson never went anywhere without him. He was loved so much that he stunk all the time and lost a lot of his beauty. (Not that this matters to the little boy!)
It was hard for Tyson's parents to keep bunny clean because Tyson wanted him all the time. Cleaning usually started while Tyson was eating breakfast. His parents would sneak bunny away. Sometimes Tyson didn't notice, but most often bunny was still in the washing machine and needed to be dried before Tyson could have him back. So, the parents had a great idea to ask Santa for a new bunny for Christmas.
Santa brought Tyson a new bunny for Christmas this year. Tyson calls it his Daddy bunny. His older bunny is the Mommy bunny; she's smaller. He loves them both, but his mommy bunny is the only one that he will hold the ears of while sucking his thumb. Perhaps in time the daddy bunny will also get special treatment.
At least it will make the parent's cleaning job a little bit easier.

Tyson after opening his Santa present. I think he was kind of confused about his new bunny.

Still loving his old bunny.

This picture doesn't do justice to the color difference of the old/new bunny. Notice that his old bunny doesn't have a smile left either. I guess I should say that the new bunny is soooooo soft!

I just had to show you how loved his old bunny is. She (since he calls it his mama bunny) is squashed with love.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Especially for Allison!

I took these pictures the beginning of last week and am finally now posting them. We have had family in town, are adjusting and have been having problems with the internet. Anyway!!!
Allison, I absolutely love this outfit. It won't fit her very much longer, but how cute!! Thanks!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

An actual DATE!

Luke and I got to go on a date yesterday...a real date! We went to the movies (and ran a few errands). We saw "I am Legend." We would both have to agree that it is a very good movie. One worth everyone seeing (if that is your kind of movie).
We did take Keely with us...but she wasn't much of a bother. We just cuddled durin the movie. It was very nice to be able to do something together before Luke heads back to school next week (already!!!).