Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How in the World...

is Keely going to stay in full term? I have no idea. Last night it felt like she was really working on hard at getting out. I know that things move around faster in your secomd pregnancy, but it feels like things are pretty much moved. Last night I was having some small shots of pain heading south. So, I had to sit down for a while because she needs to stay in for a few more weeks to make her healthy enough. Luckily I haven't started having any contractions (not even any Braxton Hicks) yet.
Tyson is keeping me very busy, but will allow me to rest every now and then. Which is great! I have been feeling quite tired this last week. I have been suffering from insomnia for the past week, not every night...but ENOUGH OF THEM!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

"EMERGENCY" Ultrasound

I had an emergency ultrasound today. My doctor wasn't worried, but for precautinary reasons, she scheduled one. She was worried that either the baby wasn't growing as well anymore or that my amniotic level was low because I was measuring 3 cm smaller than my growth should have been.
The results...the amniotic fluid level was completely fine and Keely is measuring BIGGER in all aspects than most children at this week and is weighing an estimated 4 1/2 pounds which is about 1 1/4 lb - 1 1/2 lb bigger. Okay, so I guess I have big babies. Maybe that will mean she will be early. We are praying for somewhere around December 16th (2 weeks early).
It was fun to see her again. She is definitely squashed in there and moving a lot!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hiccup or Hiccouph... an involuntary spasm of the diaphragm; typically this repeats several times a minute.
Well Miss Keely gets the hiccups A LOT! Actually she got them right when I started typing this entry. She usually has them every day. And she usually has them more than once a day. Her hiccups are very rapid and you can see my stomach moving because of them.


So, WOW! I guess Fall is here in Oklahoma. Saturday was high 80s, Sunday was mid 80s and yesterday...a warm 47. I have to tell you, that temperature change is very drastic. This morning with the wind chill it was low 30s, but luckily is supposed to be in the 60s today and back up into the 70s for the rest of the week. Weather is so unpredictable on the plains. We have to get back into the habit of checking the temperature out on every morning so we know how to dress.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


So, while were in Canada, Tyson all of a sudden grew up. We were having a lot of trouble with him not following directions and not wanting to hold hands when crossing the road...screaming, throwing things, etc.
Well, while we were up in Canada...he all of a sudden changed. I didn't really realize it until we got back to OK. What caused him to change? Could it be him sleeping in a big boy bed? Could it be that we had been working with him for what seemed like forever to get him to obey, etc.? Could it be he has just grown up?
I don't know if we will ever know. But, he has changed sooooooo much! He listens (most of the time). He wants to hold our hands and asks to. He shares so much better and plays so well with kids. Wow. Almost a night and day difference. What a nice change before the baby comes. He is also starting to want to try to go potty. Nothing yet, but hopefully soon. I know that regression (for pottying and behavior) can happen after another baby enters the seen. But, we are happy for the change we are having right now!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


Here I am at 29 weeks. I feel huge but when I look at my pictures I look smaller there than when I look down at my belly.
Keely continues to be very active. She gives me a lot of pain already. Yesterday I had to lay down for quite a while because she was putting so much pressure on my tailbone. She was head down a couple of days ago but I think that she might have gone horizontal again. We are excited to meet her in a couple of months!

Our Trip To Canada

Well, we are back from the cold north. It was a shock to get adjusted to!! (Actually I think that is an understatement.) We left Oklahoma when it was still in the high 80s and 90s and arrived to a frigid 40s and 50s. Actually the last week we were there it barely got into the 50s, with very cold winds. It was definitely nice to get back to OK and to be able to wear sandals and short sleeves (without down jackets).

I'd have to say Tyson did much better on the airplane than I was expecting him to. We had three different airplanes each way and layovers at each city. On the way back one of our layovers was almost three hours. He did awesome. He had a rough time getting into the seat on the last flight on the way home. I don't blame him I was tired of traveling to. We had left my parent's house at 6:30 am and it was 7:00pm when we left Denver.

Tyson had SO much fun with the cousins. He played with them so much better than last year since he was almost a year older this year. They built towers, read books, played outside (all bundled up), and watched movies together. Wesley and Ethan spent the night with us one night. They had a little fort under the stairs and had so much fun going around and through the stairs.

Tyson was so into coloring with markers when we were there. He spent a lot of time coloring and took his time when he colored. I think my little boy is growing up.

It was fun to have some family time. We had a full Thanksgiving dinner on Canadian Thanksgiving and spent some quality time with family playing games and talking and eating way too much (not that I can stuff that much into my stomach...wherever my stomach is).

(The reason Tyson doesn't have any socks on in any of the pictures is because he insists on not wearing then unless he has shoes on. Kinda like his mommy!)