Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So, where to begin?

I haven't blogged in more than 2 years, so it is hard to even figure out where to start.  Here's the run down...We moved back to Edmond, OK in August of 2011.  I got a teaching job for Edmond Public Schools.  I taught 2nd grade last year and I am teaching 1st grade this year.

Luke is going back to school this January to finish his Bible degree.  He is getting a full ride, which is AMAZING! 

Tyson is in 2nd grade this year and Keely is in Pre-K.  They are both doing well in school; Keely just wishes that she could be there full time.  

The big news...we bought a house on December 14th!  We got it for 50% off through a program called the Good Neighbor Next Door.  Such a blessing!  So over Christmas Break, we have been putting in countless hours scraping wall paper, scraping popcorn ceilings, taking out a wall, tearing out carpet, and breaking out tile.  We are not as far along as we had hoped, but we are having fun making it our own.  We will be moving in by the end of January!

Here are some pre-renovation pictures.

The kitchen from the laundry room.

The kitchen from the dining room.

The dining room.

The pantry.

The family room.

The other end of the family room, facing the backyard and the wall by the dining room.

The hallway to the bathroom and the bedrooms.

The hall bath.

Keely's bedroom.

Keely's walk-in closet.

Tyson's bedroom.

The master bedroom.

The 2 master bedroom walk-in closets.

The master bath.

The master bath toilet room.

Used to be the formal dining room.  It will be our office/guest bedroom.

Another picture of the office/guest bedroom.

Our front entrance.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Funnies

We had already read for quite awhile tonight, but Keely asked so sweetly if we could read another page (we are reading a book about snakes). I said "sure, but I want you to listen and not want to ask questions the whole time." I started reading and she almost right away started talking and asking me questions. I kept on reading, "ignoring" her. Then I hear her say, "Mom, I need you to stop talking and listen to my words." (Umm...where has she heard that before?)
Then while we were getting ready for bed this is the conversation we had:
K: Mom why am I so little?
Me: Because you start as a baby and you keep growing.
K: But who made me so little?
Me: God
K: OH! (with a knowing nod and understanding)

Monday, July 5, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tyson's 5th Birthday

We had just a small family birthday party for Tyson this year and it was so much fun. It was the perfect weather, so we were able to be outside the whole time (and in shorts). Yes, we had an alien/spaceship birthday (yes the cake is supposed to be an alien spaceship). He had wanted an alien birthday since the day after he turned four.
On his actual birthday we went to Red Robin and he actually asked if they could sing to him. I think he was a little embarrassed when the did sing because they made him stand up on the seat.
So fun. Happy Birthday to my 5 year old boy!!