Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Little Chunk-a-Munk

This is my chunky monkey. She is just so sweet and sooo cute. I don't know if you have noticed, but she has gotten quite chunky. Her cheeks seem to get bigger every day. I didn't know that was possible!

Her hair is long enough in the front now that we can put little clips in. I think it makes her look so much older, which I am not sure if I like because she already is growing up fast enough.

So, I can't believe that three months have already come and gone. At three months, Keely weighed about 13 pounds and was 24+ inches. She is growing all the time!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Upcoming Excitement of our Trip!

Let me tell you just how excited I am getting! Tyson and I count down the days every day. He's so excited to go an airplane, and he's also very excited to see his grandpa, grandma, and cousin Braden. It's so fun to know that Tyson can understand so much more. The trips we went on before this one...we would wait until we were close to landing before we would even tell him where we were going and who we were going to see. Now he understands and it is so much fun.
Something that is also so fun this week is that the temperature here is in the mid 60s-low 70s...all week...without flopping back to winter temperatures! I have been ready for Spring for a long time and it's nice that it is finally here. With the warmer temperatures...we are able to go to the park everyday which allows Tyson to run off his energy which helps him sleep better. He is also better behaved when he is able to use the energy that God has given him......which is an extraordinary amount!! :)

Thursday, March 6, 2008

This week...

...Luke found out that he has a sinus infection. That, I am sure, stems from his flu that he had all last week.
I woke up on Saturday morning with a very sore throat. It is still persisting. I also have a wonderful bark that likes to get very bad when I lay down...sleep is difficult. Not that I need to have any other reasons to not be getting sleep.
Tyson went to the doctor today. I wanted to have his ears checked again because recently it seems like his speech has gotten worse again. The doctor said everything was fine and clear. His tubes were still in place. He will be going to a hearing doctor again to have his hearing tested because the doctor is concerned about his speech delay.
At his appointment he weighed 38lbs and was 38.5 inches. Wow, he has grown! He is a very BIG boy! That means since the end of October, he has gained 8 pounds!
Both Saturday and Sunday were in the mid 70s and beautiful. Sunday was very beautiful and as we approached evening a nasty front moved in and the temperature cooled to the 40s within a few minutes. This temp change and the wind caused tornadoes to move through on Sunday evening. Luckily nothing touched down. Then the next day it snowed. And we have a forecast for snow again today. I am ready for some steady weather instead of the constant flipping back and forth from Spring to Winter!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Power Struggles

The last couple of days have been a little more difficult than usual. Tyson is very independent and wants to decide and do everything by himself! The last couple days we have been cracking down on making Tyson eat what we are eating or what he has chosen to eat. A lot of times we eat salad for dinner and Tyson so far doesn't care for salads. Anyway, when we eat salad I usually have been giving him a choice of what he wants. A lot of times in the morning I give him a choice for breakfast as well, just because we don't usually eat together as of yet.

Well the last couple of mornings he has chosen what he would like to eat for breakfast and then after giving it to him he doesn't want it. So, then he has to eat it. To say the least, the last couple of mornings have been lovely. It has taken him about 3 hours to finally eat his breakfast.
We are also working on potty training. He can so go potty, but it has to be his idea. So, he is not allowed to watch any more tv or movies until he goes.
It's all about control for him! And a little bit of stress and annoyance for us!