Friday, June 15, 2007


So, we had our first ultrasound this week on Wednesday. I am nearly 12 weeks now. The baby (hopefully a girl) was so cute and just bouncing around in my tummy. The baby moved so much. Tyson never moved much when we had a ultrasound with him so it was very exciting to see! Very exciting especially because I can't feel it yet of course. It just makes everything feel more real.
It is so amazing to me that some people won't call it a baby when almost everything is formed now, babies just need a little more incubation time to become perfect little beings. I can tell you it was definitely a baby!
We took Tyson with us to the ultrasound. The first few minutes he was very naughty! He just wanted to lay beside me on the bed, but their obviously wasn't enough room for the both of us. Finally he settled down and started watching the baby move. Then he started laughing so hard.
We do have pictures of the baby. I put them on our fridge to make sure nothing happens to them. Tyson woke up this morning and went over to the fridge and said, "Baby. Oh, Oh!" I have no idea why he said the "oh oh" part but it was quite funny. He seemed so concerned about something.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


A dream is the experience of images, sounds, or other sensations during sleep. The events of dreams are often impossible or unlikely to occur in physical reality, and are outside the control of the dreamer.
With that said, her goes my crazy dream from last night. I was in the hospital delivering the baby or should I say babies. The first baby was a girl and she was more than 9 lbs. She was so hungry when she was born that I had to feed her before I could deliver the next baby. Unfortunately Tyson woke me up at that time, so I couldn't see what gender the next baby was.
Luke and I would like to have twins. I still think it would be fun to have twins. I know that it would be a lot of work, but it would be great at the same time!
While pregnant with Tyson, I only had one dream about his gender. We were in the delivery room and everyone was in there (not like that would ever be the case). He was born a boy and everyone was simply irrate. But, the dream was correct. We had a boy.
So you never know. I have my first ultrasound next week and I will be more than 11 weeks then. I am hoping the girl part is at least right!

Sunday, June 3, 2007


So, I have been meaning to blog forever. I created my blog in November and haven't blogged since. So, here I go.

Tyson turned 2 on May 16th, which doesn't seem possible! He, back a few weeks ago, was obsessed with CARS (the movie). He wanted to watch it every day...I think I have the whole movie memorized now. So, we decided to do a CARS themed party because the stuff is everywhere. So, closer to the party his new favorite changed to Monsters Inc. and then to Shrek (he loves ee-haws). But, I wasn't about to change the theme.

Here is the cake I made. It turned out pretty cute, but I think that it was my most frustrating cake to date that I have ever made. The frosting, for some reason, was very soft. I had to keep putting it in the freezer so that I could attempt to star tip it onto the cake. At least it tasted good!! Yum.

Tyson is also very infatuated with blowing out candles. For his birthday (the day of) I made him cupcakes...I believe we lit the candles 6 or 7 times, just so that he could blow them out again.

The party was last weekend and Luke's parents, sister, and sister's kids were able to come for the party. It was fun to have family to help celebrate his birthday. This is Kenzie. She is the cutest!