Tuesday, April 14, 2009

So, I played a little catch up today. Being sick for a couple of months...has allowed me to just do the necessary.

A New Obsession

Tyson loves worms!! He wants to go find worms every day. We have been letting him go outside by himself recently. Today he was outside for more than an hour...hunting for worms...pushing big logs over to find worms...holding the worms. Tyson is all boy and loves to be outside!


Tyson and Keely got books. Keely loves Fancy Nancy books and Tyson loves these animal sounds books.

The Easter Cake.

Tyson and Keely

Our first WARM, sunny day. The kids absolutely loved playing outside!

Our baby, who now walks all over the place!

Our friends, Dustin and Tina, got married at the beginning of March. We were honored to be witnesses of their marriage!

I have no idea who this little boy is, but he came up to me twice and gave me the hugest hug and then wanted a picture with me.

Keely and Ava (from Jan or Feb)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Keely is WALKING! She took her first steps holding Tyson's sword. A few minutes later she took 16 steps. And a few days later...she is WALKING and pretty much without falling!

And, boy, is she proud of herself!