Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lisa's 40th Birthday Cake

This was for my sister-in-law's sister-in-law...Lisa Getting. I did her daughter's "K" cake last week. This was a very fun cake to do. The lighting on my great camera obviously didn't work that well. This was a hot raspberry pink and black cake. The black cake had edible glitter on it. And, I think I found a new favorite filling...fudge whip. Yummm!!!!!!
(I know the second picture is fuzzy, but I wanted to show that side of the cake, too. And that is the only picture I had at that angle.)

Tyson helped me rake a few piles of leaves. There are SOOOOOO many leaves to rake all the time. I guess we will get a break when all the leaves are off the trees.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


My wonderful friend Allison took some pics for us last Saturday night. I will post some more later...and some of those will show you what a character my son is right now and how shy Keely is. This is one of the better family pics; I like this one. ;)

This cake was for a friend's daughter's birthday.

Pumpkin Time

Friday, October 9, 2009


We have been enjoying our time in Oklahoma. And, of course it is passing us by very quickly! The days have been filled with spending time with friends and then normal every day activities of having two children.
So, I always have a hard time packing for any trip...but when you are going somewhere that it can be hot one day and cold the was a difficult pack. We looked at the 10 day forecast and packed accordingly. And, well...we are NOT prepared. The Oklahoma panhandle is supposed to have snow this weekend and on Sunday morning...when we is supposed to be 34 degrees. Ummmmmm....I didn't bring our winter clothes: coats...scarves...hats...gloves. I guess we will be layering for church. It was 75 degrees yesterday morning and the a cold rainy front moved in and we got a few inches of rain. The wind has been whipping, we were under tornado watch last night, and today no sun in sight. Well...the weird weather is something that I definitely don't miss about Oklahoma.
But, the people. Oh, the people! It has been so wonderful seeing our friends.
And, it will be hard to leave!