Sunday, September 26, 2010

Two Funnies

We had already read for quite awhile tonight, but Keely asked so sweetly if we could read another page (we are reading a book about snakes). I said "sure, but I want you to listen and not want to ask questions the whole time." I started reading and she almost right away started talking and asking me questions. I kept on reading, "ignoring" her. Then I hear her say, "Mom, I need you to stop talking and listen to my words." (Umm...where has she heard that before?)
Then while we were getting ready for bed this is the conversation we had:
K: Mom why am I so little?
Me: Because you start as a baby and you keep growing.
K: But who made me so little?
Me: God
K: OH! (with a knowing nod and understanding)


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